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What yarn is best for weaving a rug

By admin / Date Aug 24,2022
There are many types of yarns suitable for carpet weaving, and different carpet weavers have different preferences for the yarns they use. Ultimately, the yarn you choose will depend on the type of rug you want to weave. For sturdy rugs, I usually choose woven flat rugs. In this type of carpet weaving, the weft yarns are firmly wrapped around the warp yarns. So the weft itself needs to be very strong and strong.

Artificial Cotton Filament Viscose Yarn 305/3TEX
Artificial Cotton Filament Viscose Yarn 305/3TEX
Name:Artificial Cotton Filament Viscose Yarn 305/3TEX
Specification: 350/6TEX
Introduction: It is made by 100% viscose short fiber, high quality & competitive price mainly used for mainly used for a series of handmade Carpet, Tapestry, Craft carpet Ect. 

These yarns also experience friction when walking. Therefore, you need to avoid softer, looser yarns that are at risk of pilling or total fraying. Softer rugs, on the other hand, are usually made by tufting. This can be done using a tufting gun or rows of rya knots. These rugs have a lot of weft yarns tightly packed together. This protects the single strand and is therefore suitable for softer yarns. However, while the yarns on the carpet surface experience less friction, they are still prone to pilling and shedding. So it's best to avoid super soft yarns.

At this stage of planning your rug, it's a good idea to order samples of your materials ahead of time so you can get a feel for the textures yourself and consider how they'll work on the floor. When deciding on the texture of a rug, it's also a good idea to consider what fibers the rug's weft and warp will be made of. Some fibers are ideal for carpet weaving. They are naturally dense and strong, and can last a long time if cared for properly. The fibers I most recommend for carpet wefts are certain types of wool, as well as coarse plant fibers like sisal and hemp. Cotton rags are also suitable for carpet wefts.

I would not recommend using softer knitted or woven yarns for the weft. These are usually made from wool yarn such as merino or alpaca, vegetable fibers such as linen and cotton or synthetic acrylics. Some of these are very durable, but they tend to be at risk of pilling when subjected to wear on the floor. For carpet warp, I recommend coarse wool, cotton, or professional linen warp. Flax is particularly suitable for use as a carpet warp, but tends to fall off when used as a weft.

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