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The company is located in zhouquan Town, Tongxiang City with a long history, with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan, covering an area of more than 33000 square meters. The company is located in China's most active "Yangtze River Delta economic circle" (Shenjiahu S13 expressway is only 1 km away from Tongxiang west exit). With its unique location advantage, it has won the first opportunity of China's economic development, and been professional

China carpet yarn manufacturers and custom silk yarn suppliers

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What are the characteristics of polypropylene filter yarn

Polypropylene fiber is a relatively light fiber among common chemical fibers. It hardly absorbs moisture, but it has good wicking ability and high strength. Therefore, the PP Fibrillated Yarns made of...


How to maintain polypropylene bulked yarn

The carpet made of polypropylene wool yarn has strong wear resistance and antistatic properties. It feels like wool, has excellent resilience, and is not easy to pilling. Polypropylene carpet yarn is ...


What are the benefits of laying carpet

Machine-made carpet is a high-tech carpet yarn modern industrial product, which belongs to the soft floor covering of fiber products. In economically developed societies such as Europe and the United ...


What are the applications of wool fiber elastic

The wool that comes from sheep is called wool, and it is called sheep wool in the industry. Even if sheep wool is very fine, we call it wool professionally, not velvet. Of course, it can also be calle...


How to control pilling in knitted fabrics

1. The wool yarn is preferred, the yarn is required to have good evenness, hairiness, and single yarn strength, and compact siro spun yarn is preferred. 2. For the same yarn count, dense knitted embr...


What is the relationship between the cross-sectional shape of mercerized cotton and the degree of mercerization

The mercerized cotton fibers are approximately circular in cross section. The yarn mercerized, fabric mercerized and double-mercerized fabrics were sliced ​​by resin rapid embedding and slicing techno...


What are the unique process characteristics of core spun yarn

According to the different uses of the silk yarn, the current varieties of core-spun yarn mainly include: core-spun yarn for clothing fabrics, core-spun yarn for elastic fabrics, core-spun yarn for de...


What is the difference between viscose and rayon

Viscose cotton: a fabric made by blending or interweaving viscose fiber and cotton in a certain proportion. The characteristics of this fabric are: smooth surface, soft hand feel, light texture, brigh...


What is milk fiber and what are its properties

Milk fiber is a natural fiber extracted from milk. It is soft and smooth, with elegant natural luster, and is the best partner for luxurious fashion. 1. Softness and skin-friendly are equal to or bet...


What material is wool yarn

What kind of fabric is wool yarn? It is a fabric woven from wool. 1. Warp direction, warp yarn, warp yarn density - fabric length direction; this direction yarn is called warp yarn; the number of yar...


What are the advantages of polyester fiber

Viscose Filament Yarn is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester obtained by polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and dihydric alcohol. It is a kind of synthetic fiber obtained by melt sp...


What are the characteristics of wool carpets

Carpets made of wool yarn have particularly good air permeability. It is one of the better carpets, with particularly good hand feel and antistatic properties, and can maintain a good appearance under...


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