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The company is located in zhouquan Town, Tongxiang City with a long history, with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan, covering an area of more than 33000 square meters. The company is located in China's most active "Yangtze River Delta economic circle" (Shenjiahu S13 expressway is only 1 km away from Tongxiang west exit). With its unique location advantage, it has won the first opportunity of China's economic development, and been professional

China carpet yarn manufacturers and custom silk yarn suppliers

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What is bamboo yarn

If you're thinking about switching to more sustainable fabrics, you've probably heard about bamboo yarn. This renewable fiber is softer and stronger than cotton and rayon, and it breathes well. But wh...


What are the features of PP Fibrillated Yarns

PP Fibrillated Yarns offer an array of benefits for many applications. These benefits include chemical stability, low specific gravity, and excellent acoustics. They are also ideal for a variety of tr...


What to consider when buying viscose filament

Viscose Filament Yarn is an excellent alternative to silk and is biodegradable. It has many benefits for consumers including lightness and comfort, which make it a popular choice for many fabric appli...


What is the method of producing bamboo fiber yarn from viscose

During the impregnation process, cellulose is combined with NaOH, and even sodium alkoxide is formed, which will swell and reduce the degree of polymerization. The concentration of lye solution is 18%...


How to choose the Wool carpets

Wool carpets are generally divided into hand-knotted carpets, hand tufted carpets and woven carpets.Hand-knotted rugs are made by hand, mostly made of pure wool yarn and silk yarn, and have undergone ...


What yarn is best for weaving a rug

There are many types of yarns suitable for carpet weaving, and different carpet weavers have different preferences for the yarns they use. Ultimately, the yarn you choose will depend on the type of ru...


What is the processing technology of wool spinning

People have long used wool for spinning and knitting sweaters to keep out the cold. Woolen fabrics 3,000 years ago were unearthed in Xinjiang, China. In the Middle Ages in Europe, carded wool spinning...


What are the characteristics of polypropylene filter yarn

Polypropylene fiber is a relatively light fiber among common chemical fibers. It hardly absorbs moisture, but it has good wicking ability and high strength. Therefore, the PP Fibrillated Yarns made of...


How to maintain polypropylene bulked yarn

The carpet made of polypropylene wool yarn has strong wear resistance and antistatic properties. It feels like wool, has excellent resilience, and is not easy to pilling. Polypropylene carpet yarn is ...


What are the benefits of laying carpet

Machine-made carpet is a high-tech carpet yarn modern industrial product, which belongs to the soft floor covering of fiber products. In economically developed societies such as Europe and the United ...


What are the applications of wool fiber elastic

The wool that comes from sheep is called wool, and it is called sheep wool in the industry. Even if sheep wool is very fine, we call it wool professionally, not velvet. Of course, it can also be calle...


How to control pilling in knitted fabrics

1. The wool yarn is preferred, the yarn is required to have good evenness, hairiness, and single yarn strength, and compact siro spun yarn is preferred. 2. For the same yarn count, dense knitted embr...


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