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Bamboo Yarn 395/3TEX

Bamboo Yarn 395/3TEX

Name: Bamboo Yarn 395/3TEX
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  • Name: Bamboo Yarn 395/3TEX

    Specification: 350/3 Tex

    Introduction: It is made by 100% Bamboo Yarn and through folding & twisting technique to process into high quality Carpet Yarn. The yarn is well used for a series of handmade Carpet, Tapestry, Craft carpet Ect.


Zhejiang Hetaixing New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tongxiang Tengxin Textile Co,Ltd. & Zhejiang Hetaixing New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.are established in 2000, As OEM bamboo yarn suppliers in China run by private capitals, which mainly deal with custom Carpets Bamboo Yarn 395/3TEX as well as high-end knitting yarns. Hetaixing focuses on exporting and Tengxin is aimed at domestic market. Both companies are located in the ancient city Tongxiang Zhouquan Town, with total assets over RMB100, 000,000, occupying an area over 33,000 m2. Taking the advantage of the convenient location, Tenxing & Hetaixing develop rapidly .
From the very beginning of foundation, we all long insist the tenet "Win market by high-quality, lower cost by high-efficiency " to meet customers' basic requirement; meanwhile, we regard customers' satisfaction as the motivation of business expanding and self-improving, so as to offer more comprehensive and more professional services to all customers.

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