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What are the characteristics of polypropylene filter yarn

By admin / Date Aug 09,2022
Polypropylene fiber is a relatively light fiber among common chemical fibers. It hardly absorbs moisture, but it has good wicking ability and high strength. Therefore, the PP Fibrillated Yarns made of polypropylene fiber has stable size, good wear resistance and elasticity. Polypropylene filter yarn has similar characteristics to vinylon in terms of acid resistance, alkali resistance and electrical conductivity, with good chemical stability, weak acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, and good electrical conductivity.

Artificial Cotton Filament Viscose Yarn 305/3TEX
Artificial Cotton Filament Viscose Yarn 305/3TEX
Name:Artificial Cotton Filament Viscose Yarn 305/3TEX
Specification: 350/6TEX
Introduction: It is made by 100% viscose short fiber, high quality & competitive price mainly used for mainly used for a series of handmade Carpet, Tapestry, Craft carpet Ect. 

It should be noted that the thermal stability of polypropylene filter yarn is poor, and it is not easy to be exposed to the sun, otherwise it is prone to aging and damage. The carpet made of polypropylene bulked yarn has strong wear resistance and antistatic properties. Polypropylene carpet yarn is soft, smooth and capricious. However, as a commonly used product in the home, the daily cleaning work is a bit laborious.

The polypropylene bulked yarn products do not need to be clean and clear in daily life, and the dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. We usually need to clean and maintain the polypropylene bulked yarn, so that it is possible to make his use effect better. Polypropylene carpet yarn is a filament extracted from polypropylene raw materials and refined by polymerization. In recent years, polypropylene carpet yarn has the characteristics of small strength and small fiber.

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