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How to maintain polypropylene bulked yarn

By admin / Date Aug 03,2022
The carpet made of polypropylene wool yarn has strong wear resistance and antistatic properties. It feels like wool, has excellent resilience, and is not easy to pilling. Polypropylene carpet yarn is soft, smooth and capricious. However, as a commonly used product in the home, the daily cleaning work is a bit laborious. The polypropylene bulked yarn products do not need to be clean and clear in daily life, and the dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Silk/Wool 25/75 Blended Yarn 278/3TEX 
Silk/Wool 25/75 Blended Yarn 278/3TEX
Name: Silk/Wool 25/75 Blended Yarn 278/3TEX
Specification: 278/3Tex
Introduction: It is made by 75% wool & 25% silk  ,the yarn is with high quality, and it is well commentated by customers, mainly used for a series of handmade Carpet, Tapestry, Craft carpet Ect.

We usually need to clean and maintain the polypropylene bulked yarn, so that it is possible to make his use effect better. Promoting digital transformation has become an important way to open up the production, distribution, circulation and consumption of the textile and garment industry, as well as to improve the efficiency of resource allocation of different elements of the industry and realize value conversion.

At present, there are many pain points in the development of my country's clothing industry, such as huge inventory, serious homogeneity, redundant channels in the industrial chain, lack of professional talents, etc. The solutions to these problems all point to one direction, that is, digital transformation. As the transformation progresses, digital applications continue to expand. From the initial stage of generating various digital forms and reports to the organic combination of business data, process data and equipment data, the digital ecology of the textile and garment industry is gradually being built.

The textile industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy. It is accelerating its development in the direction of digitization, networking and intelligence. It is necessary to fully grasp the trends and opportunities of the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, and to speed up the digital transformation and development process of the textile industry. The trend of economic development has promoted the textile industry to move towards the mid-to-high end of the global value chain and is an inevitable choice to achieve high-quality development.

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