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What are the unique process characteristics of core spun yarn

By admin / Date Jun 21,2022
According to the different uses of the silk yarn, the current varieties of core-spun yarn mainly include: core-spun yarn for clothing fabrics, core-spun yarn for elastic fabrics, core-spun yarn for decorative fabrics, core-spun yarn for sewing threads, etc. There are also many spinning methods for core-spun yarn: ring spinning, electrostatic spinning, vortex spinning, self-twist spinning, etc. At present, my country's cotton spinning industry mostly uses cotton ring spinning to spin core-spun yarn.
Spinning process
At present, there are two technological processes for spinning core-spun yarn, taking the processing of polyester-cotton core-spun yarn as an example.
Carding system:
Cotton: blowing, one carding, one end, and roving-spinning (core-spun).
Combing system:
Cotton: blowing, one carding, one roll, one roll, one combing, one, two, one, three, roving, one spun yarn (core-spun).
In the actual processing process, the selection of the core spun yarn process depends on the requirements of the yarn and the count of the spun yarn. The general principle is that if carding can be used, there is no need for combing. The process can be shortened to shorten the production cost. For example, if there is a thousand unevenness of the combed sliver, the straightness and parallelism of the fibers are good, and the drawing sliver can meet the covering requirements after one pass. Then, the process can be used:
Cotton: blowing, combing, cotton, roll, combing, roving, spun yarn (core-spun).

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