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What is the difference between viscose and rayon

By admin / Date Jun 14,2022
Viscose cotton: a fabric made by blending or interweaving viscose fiber and cotton in a certain proportion. The characteristics of this fabric are: smooth surface, soft hand feel, light texture, bright color, good hygroscopicity and low price, but the shrinkage rate is higher than Pure cotton is larger, but shrinks less than rayon.
Rayon: It is a plain cotton fabric woven with viscose staple fiber yarn. Features: The cloth surface is clean, smooth and soft, hygroscopic and breathable, and has a strong drape, but it is easy to wrinkle, not washable, has poor shape retention, and has a shrinkage rate of about 10%. , exceeding the shrinkage of cotton. Since rayon is not water-resistant, it should not be soaked for a long time during washing. It should be washed with immersion. It is best to wash it with clean water first, which is easy to decontaminate and reduces damage to clothes. Gently wash with hands, especially dirty places It can be lightly brushed with a soft brush or rubbed with your hands. Do not use a hard brush to brush, or use a washboard to scrub with a wooden stick. Since rayon is not resistant to strong alkalis, it is PP Fibrillated Yarns best to use laundry detergent instead of laundry soap. When the clothes are washed and drained, they should be folded up, squeezed out a lot of water, or rolled up with a towel to squeeze the water, and must not be twisted forcefully. Since rayon is not sun-resistant, it should not be exposed to the sun when drying, and it is better to be easy to dry in the shade.

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