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What is milk fiber and what are its properties

By admin / Date Jun 06,2022
Milk fiber is a natural fiber extracted from milk. It is soft and smooth, with elegant natural luster, and is the best partner for luxurious fashion.
1. Softness and skin-friendly are equal to or better than cashmere;
2. Breathable, good moisture conductivity, cool body;
3. The warmth retention is close to that of cashmere, and the warmth retention is good;
4. The abrasion resistance, pilling resistance, coloring property and strength of milk cashmere are better than those of cashmere;
5. Because milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not reject this fabric, which is quite the same as a layer of human skin, and has a protective effect on the skin.
Washing requirements: The pH value of silk yarn is 6.8, which is slightly acidic. Suitable for medium-sized detergents. (If you use washing powder to wash, you can add some white vinegar to neutralize the alkaline components in the washing powder when rinsing.

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