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What are the benefits of laying carpet

By admin / Date Jul 20,2022
Machine-made carpet is a high-tech carpet yarn modern industrial product, which belongs to the soft floor covering of fiber products. In economically developed societies such as Europe and the United States, the laying of carpets accounts for about 60% of all floor coverings. China's machine-made carpets are a mature industry that has introduced advanced Western modern carpet technology and developed synchronously with it. Chinese machine-made carpet products are fully equipped with Excellent features based on contemporary technological achievements.

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Carpets are more practical, artistic, and less expensive than other hard floor coverings. Carpets are decorative and practical arts and crafts, as well as interior building decoration materials, beautifying the living environment. Because the carpet has rich patterns and colors, you can choose a suitable carpet according to your unique personal preferences and overall needs of the environment, such as coordinating with walls and furniture, to create your personalized art space and become a fashion for the owner to show his own style. elements, which can make you feel happy in an elegant and warm artistic atmosphere.

Compared with other floor materials, carpet has excellent sound absorption effect and is one of the most effective acoustic building materials. It can absorb indoor echo noise, reduce the reflection and transmission of sound through the floor and walls, and create a quiet home and office environment. Carpets have a certain degree of warmth compared with hard floor coverings, and have a better heat conduction effect on the heating form of floor heating, thereby increasing the warmth and comfort.

Walking on the carpet is not easy to slip and fall, and because of the softness and elasticity of the carpet, it will reduce the possibility of injury caused by falling, especially for the elderly and children, it can play a role in safety protection. Step on the soft and elastic carpet, you will feel relaxed and comfortable, reduce fatigue, and there will be no shock caused by the frequent collision of the hard ground and the sole. Since the carpet surface of the carpet has a dense pile structure, the dust falling from the air is adsorbed by the carpet pile, preventing the dust from escaping, relatively reducing the dust content in the air, and has the ability to balance the indoor temperature and maintain the indoor air. cleansing effect.

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